Who better to trust: a translation agency or a freelancer?

Translation-agency-or-Freelance-TranslatorIn these times of out-of-office work across the Internet, you can meet all kinds of professionals and sometimes “not real” professionals who offer their services for administering one task or another.

And if working from home isn’t very convenient for a teacher, a controller or a manager, it’s quite a convenient option for a programmer, marketing specialist or translator.

So why do freelancers attract employers?

What option to choose: a company that offers translation services or a freelance-translator. For starters, you need to compare all the advantages and drawbacks. If your project is rather large, requires particular attention to terminology, as well as strict meeting of deadlines, and you don’t have a very reliable translator around – your option is clearly a translation agency. The structure of a translation agency is shaped so that each person is responsible for various tasks, creating a high quality product as a result. Translation agency’s manager who works with your order would be able to calculate with maximum accuracy the translation completion deadlines, hand your text over to a translator who is good at the relevant subject. After the translation is completed, the finished text is corrected by an editor. So, the work on a document conducted between the delivery-acceptance of a ready project is a complex and well-controlled process. This allows a translation agency to guarantee the maximum translation quality.

Of course, working with a freelancer can save you a substantial amount of money. Often, people who are just starting out online reduce their prices on various freelancing sites. But the main thing is not to suffer losses by any initial savings. Firstly, having an important project and handing it over to a stranger is a reckless act. A freelancer, after messing up a translation, can easily “hide”, because usually you only receive e-mail, Skype or ICQ –a phone number is the best case scenario – as methods of contact. A freelancer is constantly looking for work. Along with your order, he could also be working on others, prioritizing your order and then someone else’s, because he made a promise to another client as well. This can also lead to missed deadlines, as well as, at times, low quality translations. Also, even if they don’t want to create trouble for you, the person can get sick or not have the opportunity to work for various reasons. You would have to look again and start over. With a translation agency, you wouldn’t normally have this problem, because there is a large base of professionals which can work on your project.

Sometimes, even a translation of a regular standard document (passport, certificate, certificate of confirmation) can be problematic – after all, not every freelancer is familiar with translation requirements for such documents. They have to have a particular format, stamps and seals have to be translated accordingly. Any agency would have a developed scheme of translation for such documents, you can always be certain that your document would be accepted in various structures and organs.

The choice is always yours. Before you place an order, ask yourself what you’re hoping to gain as a result: a high quality translation within an agreed timeframe or anxiety about the performer’s reliability.