Polish translation

polish-translationsThe need for Polish translations has greatly increased in the last couple of years. Luckily, our Polish translators are ready to give you perfection when it comes to translating your texts.

Our agency makes sure that the work that is done is not only of top quality, but it is also done quickly and within deadlines.

What professional areas do we translate in?

We translate texts from any professional area, whether it’s agriculture, politics, health science, electrical energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, chemical industry, websites, books, instructions and many others.

How long do the translations take?

The time of translation depends on the length of the text that the customer sends us. In addition, it depends on how urgent it is for the customer. We will tell you how long it will take to translate your text within an hour of receiving it.

Fast and easy translation services

How much does the translation cost?

The price calculation is per source word. If you know how many words the original language text is, we can give you an immediate price. If you are not sure of the exact word count, we will give you a price quotation in our response letter, which will be based on the text you sent us. One thing will never change: we will always do quick and quality work for low prices.

How should you send us the text?

You can send it to us by post or email. If you send it to us by email, the administration will be significantly quicker. We can accept the text in any format, even scanned documents. Based on our agreement, we will prepare the translation in whatever format the customer needs.

Why the Liverpool Netlingua translation office?

Our company runs with the motivation to keep our customers happy at all times. We do this by doing quality work, fast. Not only that, but our prices are low and affordable. We operate not only during working hours, but outside of them as well, and even during weekends and holidays. We have translators from all around the world, all with years of experience on their belt.

If we have peaked your interest, and you have a text needing translating, contact us personally, by telephone or email!

For your Polish translation call 07459 490 814 now!