French translation

French translationQuick translation from English to French or French to English in our Liverpool office.
Netlingua will translate for you in French and will make sure that quality work is put into your translation, if it’s not perfect, it does not leave our office. This language demands perfection and we keep that in mind whenever we translate using it. Our carefully elected translators are able to translate any topic at a rather fast pace, whether it be from English-French or vice-versa. What we translate most often is the following:

Business translation
  • Business documents, Marketing and PR texts
    • Training materials, PowerPoint presentations
    Webpages, website translations
    • Quotation requests, Business mails, Email translations
    • Resume and cover letters
    • Financial reports, results, balance sheet translations
Legal translation
  • Contracts, agreements
    • Court judgements
    • Police, immigration papers
Technical translation
  • Product specifications
    • User manuals
    • Terms of use statement
    • Reference manuals
    • Maintenance instructions, start-up guides translation
Medical translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation
    • Patient information leaflet translation to French
    • Inventions, patents, standards translation
Literary translation
  • Novel and book translation to French
    • Story translations, drama, trilogies
    • Children’s books, story-books translation to French
The Story of the French Language

The French language is considered to be one of the most popular languages. Millions of people speak it all around the world. Based on a university study, this is the second most popular language in the world. Let’s take a closer look. French comes from Latin. It came out of the languages of the Roman Empire. The structure of French is not the same as the one found in English, and its density is lower as well.
There are many dialects in the French language. Sometimes there are differences in the accents used. It is a language proudly spoken in many countries. French is the official language for quite a few countries actually. Even countries which have been colonized such as the ones in Africa or the Caribbean use French as their official language.

Translation from English to French

French translations work a little differently than English translations. This language uses more words for its expressions than the English language, so the French texts are longer. We have to keep that in mind when we translate to and from this language. Consequently, when we translate, the English text is shorter, but it loses none of its meaning.

Online Ordering

You can order your translation and calculate how much you have to pay for it online. English-French and French-English translations fast and of high quality. Receive your translations in Liverpool, or order these translations from us online. No matter where you live we can help you overcome the obstacles this foreign language has to offer.
French is a very beautiful and interesting language. It is really colorful and diverse, so without the proper help, you won’t be able to translate it.


Payment is normally made by transfer to our bank account, in the case of a company we provide an invoice, if you are ordering as a private person then we send the translation after payment of the translation fee. In case of a foreign order, you can pay with Pay Pal.

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