Translation rates

Translation priesThe rate of the translations is usually affected by three things: the language, the difficulty of the text and the deadline.

The rate of the translation: 40 GBP/1000 words

Usually 40 GBP per 1000 word is the rate we work with, and this is true for the following languages:

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Estonian.

In case of the Nordic languages, like Norvegian, Swedish, Danish 50-55 GBP per 1000 word is the price what we work for.

In most cases we work with several translators, so we are able to translate hundreds of pages of documents in a relatively short time.

We are happy to give you more detailed information on the phone.

In case of a normal translation, we send it back to you by email, if you need stamp and codicil, then we send the translation to you by post at the address that you gave us.

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