Technical translation

Technical translation, professional translation and proofreading in Liverpool at competitive prices with the help of technical translators in English, German, Spanish, French. Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian.

We know that many people speak a foreign language, some can translate one type of text or another, but that may not be enough to translate a technical text. Precise linguistic and professional knowledge is necessary to make sure the translation meaning is not lost and that the content of the original is properly kept.

One branch of professional translation is technical translation. Our professional translators not only speak the foreign language at a native level, they are also prepared stylistically and grammatically.

As our agency translates into 40 languages, you can ask for language pairing for your technical translation in almost any combination. Technical translations in Liverpool.

Fast and reliable translation in the technical, medical, legal and many other fields in Liverpool

What kind of technical translations can we do?

Energy, electronics, computer science, heavy industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, etc., or to put it another way, we do any kind of technical translation.

Customers have sought us out the most often during the last few years to translate the following type of documents:

instructions for use, maintenance instructions, product descriptions, users’ guides, handbooks, product specifications, machine descriptions, startup guides, architectural plans, technical plans, soil sample and static texts, geodesic documents and building mechanicals. Technical and engineering texts translated to English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish and other languages.

Ordering and handover

You can order the translation personally in Liverpool, by telephone or email, after we have received the text needing translating from you, we will give you a price offer, and we will prepare the translation for you in the shortest time possible. It is up to you how you will receive the translated text, if you wish, we can send it to you by post or email.

What type of text formats can we work with?

Generally speaking we can accept any type of format, and depending on the needs of the customer we can return the translated text in the same format, or we can send the finished product to you edited into another format.

Payment for the finished product is to be transferred to our bank account; we give you our account number after you accept the price quote.

What advantages do you get by turning to us?

Our professional translators have years of experience and only allow quality translations to leave their hands. We do not give your personal information to third parties, we work on short deadlines, our translators produce quality work, our prices are very affordable, there are no hidden costs! We can be reached not only during the week, but on weekends and holidays as well. We give you our price quote in the shortest time possible, in person or on the phone immediately, by email within an hour. Our goal is that every customer will be satisfied with our work and our friendly service.

If you need a technical translation urgently, turn to us with confidence! Ask us for a price quote, you will see that it will be the best possible price for you!

We are pleased to give you more information, call 07459 490 814 now!