woman1Specialty translation in EnglishGerman, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and other languages in Liverpool.

The need for specialty translations has increased over the last couple of decades and the growth is due to the fact that there are more and more businesses trying to leave a footprint in their respective foreign markets. A critical part of trying to break into foreign markets is advertisement. To meet a countries’ regulations, one must first translate their advertisement (webpage, poster etc.) into the foreign countries’ local language. This gives companies a huge boost in popularity, because now millions of more people will be able to comprehend their websites/advertisements, ultimately leading to an increase in customers.

In what areas do we do specialty translation?

Automotive industry, financial, IT, health sciences, food industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, marketing, books, chemical industry, software, etc. As you can see, we can handle all types of areas.

You can choose from more than 40 languages to translate from or into.

Fast and reliable translation in the technical, webpage, and many others fields.

How much does a specialty translation cost?

Netlingua’s Liverpool Office works with professional translators who use the various foreign languages. All of our translators complete their work within the given deadline and do so with the highest quality. It’s not a secret that we do all of this for low prices.

Ask for a price quote on the phone or by email. The price is dependent on the urgency and the length of the translation. Prices should be thought of in per word sums. If you don’t know the exact length of the text, send us the text to our email address, and we will send you our price quote as fast as possible (usually within 1 hour).

Payment method

After we have discussed the price by email or over the phone and our quote has been accepted, we will provide you with our bank account number where the payment is to be transferred. We will send you the translation by email or, if you prefer, by post.

The basic principles of our company are mutual trust, quality work and speed while maintaining precision. Our Liverpool office is open on weekends, and even during holidays!

Before the preparation of the specialty translation, if you have any ideas on the vocabulary that you would like us to use, then send it to us. It helps with the preparation and the execution of the translation.

We look forward to hearing from you, call us in confidence at 07459 490 814!