woman1Speciality translation in English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and other languages in Liverpool. Experienced professional translators will help you understand the world!

The need for specialitiy translations has increased over the last decades and the growth trend is due to the fact that there are more and more businesses, and that those businesses are trying to take a piece of the foreign markets. Business and technical translations are, first of all, trying to help these businesses. A critical part of trying to break into a foreign market is advertising your products on that market in the country’s language, as well as the fact that, in meeting a given country’s regulations, the product can only be distributed in the foreign market if it is translated to the local language, for example, instructions for use, but more and more companies ask us for help in their webpage translations.

In what areas do we do speciality translation?

Automotive industry, financial, IT, health sciences, food industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, marketing, books, chemical industry, software, etc. As you can see, we do professional translations in all kinds of specialty areas.

You can choose from the languages you want to translate to, we mostly translate to European and Asian languages, and your choice is from more than 40 languages: English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Romanian, Estonian, Hungarian, etc.

Fast and reliable translation in the technical, webpage, and many others fields in Liverpool

How much does a speciality translation cost?

Netlingua’s Liverpool Office works with professional translators who use the various foreign languages as a native speaker would. Our speciality specialty translators complete their quality work in the shortest deadline possible. Also important is the fact that quality professional translation at our agency is done at an inexpensive price.

Ask for a price quote by telephone or email. The price is dependent on the urgency and the length of the translation needed. Prices should be thought of in per word sums. If you don’t know the exact length of the text to be professionally translated, send us the text in an email, and we will send you our price quote in the shortest possible time (usually within 1 hour).

Payment method

After we have discussed the price by email or phone and our quote has been accepted, we provide you with our bank account number where the payment is to be transferred. We will send you the professional translation by email or, if you prefer, by post.

The basic principles of our company are mutual trust, quality work and speed while maintaining precision. Our Liverpool office is open on weekends, and we are even available on holidays!

Before the preparation of the speciality translation, if you have definite ideas about how certain words or phrases should be translated, send us the vocabulary you would like used. It also helps the preparation of the translation if we know where the translated document or text is to be used.

Our translation prices in Liverpool

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