Foreign Language: 5 Huge Benefits of Learning a Second language

language learningLearning a second or foreign language for many people can be intimidating challenging, fun, interesting and exciting, learning a second language is a lot simple, fun and easier than most people know or admit, but how do you begin, continue and remain motivated to the end?  The key to starting and continuing in your quest to become a bilingual individual is to consider the benefits of learning a foreign language.

Michella a top executive with a giant multinational automobile company was shocked when she was promoted to become a country manager for their new operations in China. On second thought she was ready to take this new challenge since she was already taking a class on French language, all she needed to do now was to switch. She believes learning commonly used international languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, German provides the chance for better interaction and connection between speakers. Michella shares some of the benefits of learning a second language.

Social Benefits: for Michella and many of us, the benefits of meeting new people, making new and exciting friends, building personal and business relationships, viewing the world from a different perspective and the ability of self expression in that foreign language is a bonus. People are enchanted with someone trying to learn their language. Your friendship with this people will encourage and bolster you to develop your language skills far beyond the causal learner which leads to deep cultural and life changing experiences. Learning a foreign language opens people’s heart to you.

Financial Opportunities: Michella asserts that people who learn a second language are better privileged to business and personal opportunities. This could be special recognition and promotion at work, better customer services, increase in sales and profits, open up new business opportunities in other climes or a complete career change.

Connecting and communicating effectively without boundary is huge benefit as Michella further discovered and experienced on her stay in China, she reiterated “People connect and bond on a very personal level when they are able to convey their basic thoughts of what they are trying to say and communicate with foreigners in their indigenous language” although this took me some time to learn and speak Chinese fluently, the indigenes were very understanding and helpful.

Become Open-Minded: learning a foreign language, its culture, traditions and worldview is a sure way to become Open minded. Understanding we are all products of our culture and that language forms part of that cultural diversity makes you open minded.  Seeing the world from a different perspective and understanding the cultural heritage of a people brings a new way of understanding and open mindedness.  As Observed by Dr. Dan Davidson, President of the American Councils on International Education “Effective communication and successful negotiations with a foreign partner–whether with a partner in peacekeeping, a strategic economic partner, a political adversary, or a non-English speaking contact in a critical law enforcement action –requires strong comprehension of the underlying cultural values and belief structures that are part of the life experience of the foreign partner

Learning a foreign or second language could be either intimidating or fun when you consider Learning another language gives the learner the ability to step inside the mind of that other culture.